About Kindrd


Kindrd is a platform all about discovery through association. A new way to find Books, Movies, Music and Places. Kindrd works by making ‘Links’ between things. A Link can be anything; the city that inspired an album, the book that led to a film or two songs that feel like they just go together.

All the Links are made by real people; the Kindrd users. We believe that human recommendations are far more interesting than anything an algorithm could give you. Because as humans we can see past things like genre, and get to the core of why we love the things we do. It’s still early days for us and we’re just starting to build up our content. But eventually anyone could look up something as simple as their favourite movie, and find a wealth of new things to read, watch, visit or listen to.

If you’ve got something you want to share with us we’d love to have you on board.


The seemingly limitless space that is the internet means we can now find new music, films, books and places to explore faster than we can keep track of, often with little context or enough time to really appreciate it. We don’t interact with culture the way we used to, think about picking up a 12″ vinyl in a record store and loving the album art compared to seeing it as a thumbnail image on your screen.

The internet can often trivialise and devalue our collective culture when really it should be doing more to uphold the best of it and make it more accessible. This is what we’re aiming for with Kindrd, we want to provide context and quality to discovering culture online. In future we’d like to add more categories including Art, Fashion, Comics and Video Games to truly achieve our aim of mapping culture.


We’re two guys, a designer and a developer working on this as a passion project in our free time.

Nathan from Kindrd

Nathan Harrigan, Developer


Nathan has been working on the internet since it was all proprietary plugins and aqua buttons. Every 100 lines of code he jumps up and screams “I’m Invincible”, but claims to have never seen Goldeneye.

Favourite link: Arctic Monkeys & The Prospect Of Whitby

Jacob from Kindrd

Jacob Payne, Designer


Jacob has been designing stuff for the web for over 5 years now. 60% of the time he’s right every time.

Favourite link: Vertigo & The Long Blondes