Your Privacy is Important

We’re on a mission to map culture, not collect your data. We will only ever collect and store the minimum about of personal data possible, and this data will never be sold on to 3rd parties.

Below is a description of what data we do collect and why.

The Information we Collect

When you visit Kindrd, we will collect information about what pages you access, the device that you are using, information that you send to us directly or post on the web site, and the address of web sites that refer you to Kindrd. We also store the information you supply when you sign up for Kindrd.

If you use Facebook to sign into Kindrd, we will collect your name, d.o.b, email address, profile picture and occasionally some of your Facebook likes. We will never post to Facebook on your behalf without your express permission.

We may also collect and store an anonymized version of your IP address, which we may use to protect Kindrd and its users from spam, viruses, identity theft, illegal or harmful activities; we use this information to understand how people use our site, which features work and which don’t, and to help us develop and improve Kindrd.

Kindrd uses Google Analytics to gather and aggregate general information about user behavior. To the best of our knowledge, the information gathered by Google on Kindrd’s behalf is collected in such a way that neitherKindrd, nor Google, can easily trace saved information back to any individual user.

We may create anonymous records by excluding information (such as your name) that makes the data personally identifiable to you. We may use or share this anonymous data for any purpose — for example, to analyze request and usage patterns so that we may make Kindrd better.

Email Communications

From time to time we may email you information about Kindrd that we think is necessary and important. By opening or maintaining an account with Kindrd, you agree to receive administrative and notification emails as part of your basic service. You can always opt-out of non-administrative emails.

If anyone ever contacts you and asks for your Kindrd password, they are probably trying to scam you. We will never do this. Please don’t give your Kindrd password to anyone, and let us know about it if someone asks, so we can hunt them down and execute suitable punishment.

Information Sharing

Kindrd does not make money from selling information about its users to any third party. This includes advertisers, data brokers, search engines, or anyone else.

We may share some of your personal information with third parties under several circumstances, including (1) if you tell us it is OK to do so (2) if we believe that we need to do so by law (3) if we contract with a third party service provider to offer services for you — for example, we may need to pass your payment information along to a credit card processing company if you decide to buy something on Kindrd.

Kindrd does not have any affiliated companies right now. But if we do in the future, we may share some information with them.

We will do our best to resist requests to access information that we believe are not justified. Kindrd’s policy is to give you advance notice if we are going to release your information unless by law we are prohibited from doing so. If we think that disclosing your information may prevent serious harm to Kindrd, its users, you, or anyone else for that matter, we may do so without notifying you.

Kindrd is a Public Network

Kindrd is a platform built for posting and sharing public content. You should assume that anything you post on Kindrd will be accessed by others.

Search engines will be able to see the content you post. Content you post may be copied, shared, or re-posted on Kindrd and on other parts of the internet in ways that you and we cannot control.

If you wish to delete your account (there’s a link to do so on your personal settings page) we will remove all of your personal data from our databases. However, we will keep any links, comments or vote that you have made on Kindrd. Also,  please be aware we may store backups of your content on our servers, even after it is deleted or after you delete your account.

We strongly suggest that you consider this when deciding what to post and what not to post on Kindrd (or anywhere on the Internet, for that matter). Please post responsibly!


Kindrd uses cookies to enable our servers to recognize your web browser and tell us how and when you use Kindrd Services. A cookie is a small amount of information that is stored in your web browser, which may contain information about you and the way you use the internet and services like Kindrd. We use cookies to identify our users, provide automatic login, and personalize your Kindrd experience. We also may use cookies embedded in emails to help figure out whether anyone is actually reading the drivel that we write.

You can turn cookies off on your web browser, but if you do, Kindrd may not work properly, and in some cases, you may not be able to log into Kindrd at all.

There are many other third party services and web sites that may place cookies in your browser. Our privacy policy only covers our use of Kindrd cookies, not cookies used by third parties.

Data Storage and Deletion of Accounts and Data

You can access or change your personal profile and contact information or delete your account through your Kindrd personal settings page.

If you choose delete or deactivate your account, you can no longer retrieve your content or reactivate your account, and we cannot do so for you. Also, your username may become available for another person to use.

Kindrd stores its data on servers run by third parties. We or a third party we work with may keep backups of Kindrd’s data and code, which may or may not include posts and other information that you put on Kindrd, even after you have deleted your account. Therefore, even after you delete your account, your data may remain in backups on our system, although it will be no longer visible or publicly accessible on Kindrd.

Children Under 13

Kindrd’s Services are intended for the general public, and are not meant for children under 13. We don’t knowingly collect personal information from children under 13. Please contact us if you become aware that a child under the age of 13 is using Kindrd, or has posted personal information about themselves on Kindrd, and we will work to remove both the information and the child’s Kindrd account.

Changes to the Kindrd Privacy Policy

Kindrd may update this policy from time to time. We will let you know if we make signifiant changes by sending a notice to the email address connected with your Kindrd account, or by placing a notice in a prominent place on our web site.

You can also always find the most current version of this policy on our web site.