What should i link?

So, let me start off by saying anything is welcome. Part of what we find so exciting about Kindrd is its openness, it’s what allows us to help you find things you couldn’t with other discovery services.

The only question you really need to ask yourself when making a link is “Will this be interesting to someone?”, or put another way: “If someone liked one of the things I am linking, would they be interested in the other and how the are connected?”

Common type of Links

What’s that I hear you say? Our hippy-ish openness is all well and good but you want Link inspiration. OK, well here are some of the common types of Link that we like.

The description

You should try to add a description to every link you make. Informative but concise is what you should be going for here. Don’t feel you have to be formal, but please make sure you spelling and grammar is correct. if you are stating a fact, let us know your source(s) and if your link is based on opinion don’t try and pass it of as a fact. Oh, and dont be a dick. If we feel you are being offensive your link will be removed and we’ll put a little red mark next to your name.

In conclusion

So, that’s pretty much it. But remember; these are just guidelines, use your imaginations! Kindrd will only ever be as good as its content. As long as you guys are willing to add great content, we’ll continue to perfect the platform, and together we can make something pretty special.


Do what you want as long as its interesting and you’re not being a dick.